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Västerbottens inlandThe libraries in the interior of Västerbotten have begun to work together in order to provide  even better library service. We call the cooperation:

V8-Library Cooperation in the interior of Västerbotten.

Participating municipalities are:


Through the cooperation you have access to books and other materials within the whole region. You may reserve, borrow and return media at any library in the region -using the same library card.

Library card

In order to borrow books and other media at the library you need a library card. You can acquire one at the library on providing a valid ID with a photograph. The library card must be shown when borrowing items. When you acquire a library card, you must sign an application. Upon doing so you accept to comply with the borrowing rules of the libraries within the V8 municipalities. Children can obtain a library card from the age of six. The library card is valid in every municipality library in the interior of Västerbotten.

PIN code

A PIN code can be obtained for use with your library card. With the code, you can use the Internet to access the data bases, renew loans and make reservations amongst other things.

Personal data and integrity

Information regarding your current loans and reservations are registered in an inter-library computer system. This means that information under the Official Secrets Act is accessible for the library staff. The entire library staff are bound by professional secrecy in accordance with Chapter 9, § 22 of the Official Secrets Act.  The libraries obtain personal data from the Governmental register of addresses (SPAR). Information including names, addresses and personal code number is accessible to the library staff. Your address will be updated automatically if you move, providing that you are registered in Sweden’s national registration. A complete personal code number is necessary for the automatic updates to work. The library needs updated addresses in order to send messages about reserved material, overdue notices and invoices. 

Personal liability for borrowed materials

The library card is a valuable item. The card holder is personally responsible for books and any other material that are borrowed there with. Parents are responsible for any loans incurred by their children. Books and all other borrowed materials shall be returned on time and undamaged. Please notify one of the libraries immediately if you misplace your library card. If someone else borrows with your card, you are liable to pay any fines that might be incurred. A new card can be issued at a special fee.

Loan period

The normal loan period is four weeks. Other loan periods can be arranged for certain books and other media. Materials that are in high demand are loaned for shorter periods. The expiry date will be indicated on your written loan receipt.  

Renewal of loans

If you need to extend the loan period you can renew the book via telephone, or on the library’s website. Renewal of loans should be undertaken before the expiration of the ordinary period. The libraries can grant a maximum of three loan periods. You cannot renew materials that someone else has reserved.

Overdue notices

If borrowed material hasn´t been returned after two overdue notices, you will be sent an invoice and the library card will be blocked. The block will be removed when the whole debt has been paid or the material has been returned. Parents are again responsible for invoices sent to their children or juveniles under 18.


A book or other material that is currently out on loan can be reserved. You will receive a message when the material has been returned and is available.

Overdue fines

Payment for damaged
or lost material est. replacement price

Administrative charge 50 SEK/invoice

Loss of library card 10 SEK

Loans from outside Scandinavia: 
• Books 150 SEK/volume
• Articles 75 SEK/article

Parish archives SVAR:
• Price/volume 20 SEK
• 1-year card 500 SEK
In order to maintain a high level of service, adults 18 and older must pay overdue fines for certain materials.
Normal loan period: 1 SEK/day
Short-term loan period: 5 SEK/day.